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Archbishop Wood High School 2021 Boys Lacrosse Team

#NamePositionGrade #NamePositionGrade
1 Matt Dombrowski Goalkeeper Jr   17 Andrew Boyle Midfield Sr
3 Nick Citrigno Attack Jr   18 Jake McNamee Defense So
4 Dan Divita ★ Attack Sr   19 Jim Stelacio Midfield So
5 Aiden Boyle Midfield So   20 Anthony Pileggi ★ Midfield Sr
6 Nate Taylor LSM Sr   21 Dan Romano Midfield So
11 Will Studley Midfield Jr   22 Luke Whalen Defense Sr
13 Jackson Foley Defense So   23 Roman Filippo Attack So
14 Tyler Traae Midfield Jr   25 Ronan Gaab Defense Jr
15 Tim Newman Defense Jr   30 Jackson Baer Goalkeeper Fr
16 Aiden McCarthy Midfield Jr   ★ = Varsity Captain
1 Patrick Murray Offense Fr   14 Michael Murphy Offense Fr
2 Harry Conran Offense So   18 Jake McNamee Defense So
3 Alex Troy Offense So   18 Joe Vizza Offense So
5 Aiden Boyle Offense So   19 Jim Stelacio Offense So
5 Aiden McGeer Defense So   20 James Messina Offense So
6 Shane Fiedler Offense Fr   21 Dan Romano ★★ Offense So
8 Matt Mohan Offense Fr   24 James Pyrih Offense So
10 Patrick McHenry Offense Jr   27 Kevin McGowan Offense So
11 Jase Filippo Defense Fr   30 Jackson Baer Goalkeeper Fr
★★ = Junior Varsity Captain

L E T ' S     G O     V I K I N G S ! !         A L W A Y S     B E     W O R K I N G ! !

Head Coach: Paul McGovern | | | | WOODLAX.ORG
Assistant Coaches: Brian Vetter, Steve Henze, Sean McGovern 

Athletic Trainer: Chadd Spence

Athletics Director: Susan O'Neill

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